Terms & Conditions

General Information

Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity is registered by the Turismo of Portugal, I.P. in the Nacional Registry of Touristic Animation Agents under certificate n.º 1762/2018.

Since the tours are uniquely personalized to the Customer’s preferences, the selection of the cultural heritage to be visited shall be in lieu of the suggestions presented by the Customer, the Welcomer’s decisions, and the amount of time required in and between the alternatives chosen. Tours that include museums, monuments, and other locations with specific visiting hours will need to be programmed accordingly in order to be properly enjoyed.

Reservations and Payments

The tours are selected and paid separately.

The Customer must pay in full within 48 hours of placing a reservation. Payments must be made by bank transfer and proof of payment must be submitted via email to Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity. The reservation will only be validated after payment has been confirmed. In the event that the Customer is not the account holder from which the bank transfer was issued, then the name of the account holder must be provided.


a) Up to 4 yrs. of age: free.

b) 5–12 yrs. of age: 75%.

Prices with VAT incl. at the legal tax rate.

Bank: Novo Banco, S.A.

Bank Account Holder: Luís Miguel da Costa Monteiro Corrula

IBAN: PT50000702560011716000633


Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Pick-up and drop-off is available anywhere on the mainland of Portugal, as long as we are informed of the location in a timely manner.

Pick-up is at 8:00 a.m. in the district of Porto and 8:30 a.m. in the district of Braga. Drop-off is available up till 11:00 p.m (optional and free of charge). The extra charges for destinations outside the districts of Porto and Braga will be sent to Customers for payment.


Should Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity cancel a tour, the Customer has the right to one of the two options:

a) Rebook a new tour date;

b) Request a full refund.

The following terms apply for Customers wishing to request a refund:

a) A cancellation request submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the tour will be eligible to receive 100% of the initial payment;

b) A cancellation request submitted less than 24 hours prior to the tour will not be eligible to receive the initial payment.

Fees and Commissions

The Customer agrees to pay any fees and commissions when ordering a bank transfer related to the tour payment, just as Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity also agrees to pay the charges and commissions in the event of a refund, with regards to the corresponding transaction.


Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity will take it upon themselves to reimburse 75% of the customer’s payment, should a complaint be submitted due to a disappointing experience with regards to what was initially expected and proposed for the tour.

Customers must check the Terms and Conditions before booking reservations, as they may be amended, at any time, without prior notice.

Transfer to Third Party

If, for any reason, the Customer is unable to take advantage of the tour that has already been purchased, then it may be transferred to a third party. Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity must be informed of this decision which shall only be considered valid once it is approved and confirmed by The Welcomer.

Response Time

Customers can expect a reply within 24 hours to email requests. Call backs will be made to any unanswered calls.

Best Practices and Safety During Tours

Although tours are uniquely personalized to the Customer’s preferences, they are essentially based on the Welcomer’s decisions, and therefore the itinerary is defined from start to finish by the Welcomer. Any inappropriate behavior from the Customer that conflicts with that set forth by the Welcomer, or that places the safety at risk, in part or in whole, of anyone who participates in the same tour, will lead to the cancellation of the tour. In such cases, the Welcomer will not be held liable for any consequences related to such conduct. Inappropriate conduct may include but is not limited to any offensive conduct whether physical, cultural, or verbal abuse even/or under the effect of narcotics or alcohol. This will not be tolerated. Customers will not be entitled to any refund under these specific circumstances.

The Welcomer reserves the right to cancel any Tour in severe weather conditions that place Customers’ safety at risk.

Minors must be accompanied by adults.

Smoking, drinking and eating in the vehicle is prohibited.

All tours include compulsory civil liability and personal injury insurance.

Marketing and Publicity

Unless otherwise stated by the Customer, both parties agree that any photos or videos taken during the course of the tour may be used for the purpose of promoting publicity and marketing for Welcomer Tours of Portuguese Authenticity.


Lunch included in all tours. Any meals (food or drink), prior to and after lunch, up until the end of the tour, are the full responsibility of the Customer.

When making reservation please inform us of any dietary restrictions.

Spoken Languages

The spoken languages include: Portuguese; English; Spanish.


We truly appreciate the trust you have placed in Welcomer Tours. Please contact us by phone or WhatsApp for further info at +351963632826, or by email info@welcomertours.com